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Specialist Cleaning

Have you ever watched the 'Life of Grime' programmes?

Are you a householder, landlord or housing association that own or have been left in possession of a property with this type of problem?

If the answers are yes...

Then Wood’s Property Services trained staff could have the property emptied and cleaned quickly to your own specifications.

Extreme cleans

If a property becomes very dirty or is contaminated by a biohazard, then a standard cleaning service will not be enough to make the area sanitary again. Instead, the area will need to be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected during an extreme clean.

Here at Wood's Property Services, our team of professional cleaners specialise in providing extreme cleaning services to industrial and commercial businesses.

What is an extreme clean?

An extreme clean is just as it sounds, a very thorough clean that will restore a property’s interior or exterior to its original condition.

The exact services that are involved in extreme cleaning a property will depend on the type of property being cleaned, whether it is the interior or exterior that is being cleaned, and the condition that it is in.

Extreme cleaning usually involves removing everything from inside a property and cleaning and disinfecting the space from floor to ceiling.

An extreme cleaning service may be required at the start or end of a tenancy or after an incident has occurred. Once the extreme clean has been completed, the property will once again be a clean, safe, and comfortable environment to work or live in.

Extreme cleaning services

Extreme cleaning services are commonly used to clean up properties that are extremely dirty, unsanitary, or hazardous to human health.

This includes properties that:

  • Have had squatters living in them.
  • Have been left empty for some time.
  • Are the scene of a trauma or crime.
  • Were lived in by a hoarder.
  • Have been damaged by a fire or flood.
  • Have been vandalised.

If a property has been left in a filthy or unsanitary condition, or if biohazards are present, then it will require a thorough and professional clean to ensure that it is restored to a safe condition.

Extreme cleans require specialist tools, techniques, and cleaning products to remove stubborn stains, odours, bacteria, and other potentially dangerous contaminants.

During an extreme clean, any number of the following tasks may be carried out to help restore the property to a clean and sanitary condition.

  • Remove all rubbish, clutter, or waste from a property.
  • Dispose of all waste safely.
  • Thoroughly clean the property from top to bottom.
  • Clean up any biohazards safely.
  • Disinfecting the property to remove all potential contaminants.
  • Pest control services.
  • Specialist carpet, upholstery, leather, or hard floor cleaning services.
  • 24-hour service

Extreme cleaning services are often required in a hurry, especially if an incident occurs in an industrial or commercial property. If an incident occurs within the workplace, then the property must be restored to a safe environment as quickly as possible to avoid financial losses caused by downtime.

During an extreme clean, our team will rid your property of unpleasant problems including stubborn odours, biohazards, pests, and contaminates and restore it to its original, safe, and sanitary condition.

Some of our most popular extreme cleaning services include:

Fire and flood restoration

If your property is damaged by a fire or flood, it is likely to require an extreme cleaning service to restore it to its original condition and to prevent further damage to the building’s structure.For flood damage, our extreme cleaning service involves safely pumping water back out of the building, drying out and dehumidifying the property, and decontamination. Extreme cleaning services for fire-damaged buildings may involve thermal fogging, odour control, the safe removal of carbon/soot, cleaning, sanitising, and contents restoration.

New Build 

We can cater for any kind of clean from the three stage cleans, after builders have finished a build, after decorators have been into the building and then on completion of the property a sparkle clean when it just needs that refreshing touch for new tenants/owners moving into the property. We also offer a cleaning service for after snagging lists and remedial work are undertaken.

Whether you need a New Build property cleaning or your show homes, sales offices cleaning we can undertake that for you.

We also undertake cleaning to communal and shared areas such as a block of flats, the stairs and hallways needs maintaining for cleanliness we can do this for you, saving you the hassle and ensuring that your properties looked clean and gleaming all year round. This service is offered on a daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis to cater around your needs.

Builders cleaning

If you have building work carried out on your industrial property then it may be left in dirty, dusty disarray afterwards.To tidy up and sanitise your property after the builders have finished, we can remove any rubble and large debris, professionally clean your carpets and hard floors, clean upholstery, banish odours, and clean windows.